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I’ve always been honest in my imagery, my stories and my words that accompany my work. And today will be no different. It’s a bit of a weird topic to talk about without sounding vain, arrogant or full of yourself.
This image is about the fear of success being fleeting.
These past few weeks I have felt like something has lifted me from the ground. Some days feeling invincible. Great. Overwhelmingly positive. Something that feels strange to me.
But inevitably if you rise, you will descent.
There is just no way of keeping yourself in the air. All. The. Time. And that descent can be painful. Lonely. Hard to describe.
Don’t get me wrong. I am incredibly grateful and happy with the way my career is going. I am proud that I get to share the fragility of the human and it’s beauty in that. Sharing that vulnerability to me is a strength. And much needed in a world where we like to pretend to be fine all the time. And that means sharing the uncomfortable bits as well.
The only way to deal with that fear of descending, is to be in the moment. Take in everything that is happening, when it is happening. Because there is only today. This moment. It’s a fucking cliche for a reason. But sometimes we need to hear those damn cliches.
With my work I hope to share that there is beauty in being vulnerable. That there is strength in showing your whole self, even the dark bits or the bits that make you feel fragile. You are enough. Praise you

Limited Edition fine art prints in museum kwaliteit

De beelden worden afgedrukt op Innova IFA 12, een fine art papier met een lichte textuur
Verstevigd op een dibond achterwand
En bevestigd in een donker houten baklijst
Zoals te zien is op afbeelding 2

Deze exclusieve kunstwerken komen met een certificaat van authenticiteit and worden door mij persoonlijk bij je thuis afgeleverd wanneer je woonachtig bent in Nederland of België

Deze fine art werken zijn verkrijgbaar in drie verschillende formaten en bijbehorende edities

50 x 50 cm        |    editie van 7 stuks    |    €1150
100 x 100 cm  |    editie van 3 stuks    |    €1950 


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