New Paths

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If you want to achieve something you’ve never achieved
You must be willing to walk paths you’ve never walked
This thing called life is not a straight line.
It’s a wiggly road that allows you to take turns.
And so often we get stuck in the way we do things because it’s convenient.
Or we’ve done it this way for ever.
But, why not try a different route?
Why not try something you’ve never done before?
Why not go for the thing that scares you most?
What’s the worst that could happen?
That you fail?
Is that more scary than never knowing if you could’ve made it?
You decide



Limited Edition Fine Art Prints

The images are printed on Innova IFA 12, a fine art paper that is lightly textured. The colors will last 100+ years.

Mounted on dibond in placed in a wooden frame with floating method, as seen in image 2 and 3.

These exclusive artworks come with a certificate of authenticity.

These fine art prints are available in three different sizes 

30 x 30 cm    |    edition of 9  |    €750
60 x 60 cm    |    edition of 6  |    €1250 
90 x 90 cm    |    edition of 3  |    €1750

12 x 12 inch   |   edition of 9   |   $833
24 x 24 inch   |   edition of 6   |   $1388
35 x 35 inch   |   edition of 3   |   $1943

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